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Empower Yourself: Writer as Creative Thinker and Innovator

Whatever you do or desire, writing creatively and well will empower you. This first in a series of mini-courses offered by professional writer and educator Nancy Avery Dafoe is designed to guide participants in the use of creative writing techniques and literary elements as a means to empowering them through better communication. The six-week course will assist participants in acquiring and/or strengthening skills to develop innovative thinking and evocative products in poetry and prose, including the memoir, short story, vignettes, and essay forms. Differentiated according to writing experience and interests--from novice writer to highly accomplished, the classes will model and the instructor will mentor participants in building knowledge and expertise in various literary techniques, narrative points of view, and structures. Call (607) 749-2937 or register through Contacts on this website, under messages.


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