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Nancy Avery Dafoe:

 Writing that makes a difference

Dafoe Writing & Consulting

was created to assist individuals, students, companies, educational institutions, law firms, businesses, and corporations improve writing skills and written product under the premise that writing well matters to everyone.  Clear, concise, and engaging communication is central to obtaining jobs, advancing careers, persuading others, building collaborative communities, and enhancing life beyond the classroom and workplace. Custom work tailored to clients' needs.

Easy to use site: Get help with writing, editing, revisions online, via the contact email.

Dafoe Writing & Consulting offers online or by mail editing services,  private writing coaching and revisions in person and online; Continuing Education workshops or classes for groups; writing tutorials--both in person and online; seminars for large group presentations; and interactive editorial services. Online seminars and programs to come soon.

UPCOMING Seminars, Workshops, Classes;

workshops specifically designed for your group

Creative Writing Workshop 
Lessons in Style
Grammar, Mechanics, and Editing


"Dafoe brought to her lessons a specificity that required us to hone in on meaning. Her writing class provided an opportunity for growth that I have yet to find since."

Olivia Martin, published writer



"Dafoe has improved my writing and critical analysis abilities immeasurably. Through her guidance, mastering the true power of the English language, I learned that the best writing is inextricably linked to creativity and that stretching the limits of language every now and then is desirable--not just acceptable."

Thomas Marini, Valedictorian and Medical School intern

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